Enteprise TV

TV Republic introduces Enterprise TV - An evolution in enterprise communications that goes beyond the traditional approach of email & corporate intranets.


With the TVR Platform, management can communicate key messages and data to the right person, at any time, and on the right device, no matter where in the world they may be.

Your content is centrally managed within Channels, similar to regular TV broadcast networks, allowing for minimal training and faster deployment.

The TVR Digital Signage module allows you to communicate corporate messages and stream management videos in just the click of a button.

Device Options
Model Windows PC Samsung SOC
  Intel Samsung
Software Features
Plug and Play
register account and play

yes yes
Integrated audio
via HDMI or external Analog

yes yes
Full featured player
support all campaign components

yes yes
Web managed
support all campaign components

yes yes
image and video

yes yes
PowerPoint yes  
Live web feed yes  
RSS integration yes  
minimum requirement for smooth playback

IntelTM I3 
Dual Core
1.7Ghz Quad ARM®

Minimum Memory Requirement

Operating system
pre-installed OS
Windows 7 Samsung System
On Chip

Number of Screens 1 1
Storage Min 40GB HDD 8GB Flash
Display orientation
vertical or horizontal mode support

Both Both
Internet connectivity

Ethernet / WIFI
10/100 & 802.11 b, g, n
10/100 & 802.11 b, g, n
Screen resolution
via single or multi HDMI

Up to 1920x1080
depending on graphics capability of the
installed graphics controller and screen
supports single resolution
Video quality playback
frame per second capabilities

360p about 30 fps
1080p about 30fps
Total USB ports
external and internal

depending on PC used

Price R R

Free Cloud Trial Account

First 1Gb of Data Transfer is on us when using the TV Republic Cloud edition

Start your own corporate TV channel, using our easy web interface. Download the software players, and begin pushing content directly to your subscribers (staff), via their desktops, mobile devices and digital signage. It's fun, it's cool - it's just plain ol' awesome sauce.

Apply now to trial our Alpha version - Limited accounts available - More available every month.